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The People's Court (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) "Moving mayhem!"
Judge Mathis (HD, New, TV-PG) A woman brings her former husband to court to collect back-child support, but the defendant argues he never made enough cash to pay for child support.
Hot Bench Youth Mentor Accused of Foul Play!; Bald Spots on Graduation Day?! (HD, New, TV-G) A counselor loses control when his mentee tries to embarrass him; a woman says that her hair stylist did a poor job, causing her hair to fall out.
Hot Bench (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman insists that she made improvements to her partner's garden that cost $8,000, even though we suspected infidelity.

Cops Reloaded (HD, TV-14) The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a disturbance call involving a former convict; a West Palm Beach officer pulls over a stolen SUV.
Cops Reloaded (HD, TV-14) Two Sacramento deputies stop a man on a bike under suspicion of robbery; officers in Santa Ana detain three individuals in an area known for drug activity.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Watch (HD, TV-14) Logan and Barek investigate an FAA inspector after discovering the body of a woman who was beaten, murdered and dropped from the wheel well of an airplane.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent All In (HD, TV-14) A poker prodigy inexplicably loses $80,000 in a high-stakes poker game, prompting his bookie to force him into collections with a deadly consequence.
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