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Modern Family New Year's Eve (TV-PG) Jay is excited for the family to celebrate New Year's in Palm Springs, but when the hotel is less than anticipated, everyone decides to do their own thing.
Modern Family Hit and Run (TV-PG) As the men in the family become increasingly irritated by work, school and a fender bender, they risk blowing up and taking it out on a kid.
Are We There Yet?: 1st Run The Hypertension Episode (HD, TV-PG) After learning her husband has high blood pressure, Suzanne goes out of her way to make sure Nick does not experience any sort of stress.
Are We There Yet?: 2nd Run The Satchel Pagge Episode (HD, TV-PG) Nick meets a homeless man with a nice voice and helps him get a job, but things take a turn for the worse when he begins taking advantage of Nick's generosity.
WGMB Movie: A Christmas Carol (BV12) (TV-PG)

Mike & Molly Carl Meets a Lady (TV-14) Carl tries to make a love connection with an attractive woman that he meets at the diner, but it's unclear to him that she is clearly out of his league.
Hot in Cleveland The Anger Games (TV-14) Melanie arranges a date between Joy and her boyfriend's friend, Bill; Elka takes on the role of Victoria's agent; the ladies' monthly game night brews gossip.
Hot in Cleveland Fast and Furious (TV-PG) Joy tries out her newfound investigatory skills at a rustic spa retreat; Victoria learns the meaning of being a responsible friend; Mamie stands up to Elka.
How I Met Your Mother Of Course (HD, TV-14) When Robin confesses she is still angry with Barney over their break-up, she enlists the assistance of a self-help author to beat him at his own game.
How I Met Your Mother: 2nd Run Brunch (HD, TV-PG) Ted's parents reveal a huge family secret over brunch when they come to New York, and Marshall and Lily have difficulties controlling themselves.
Two and a Half Men Above Exalted Cyclops (TV-14) Alan goes on a blind date with one of Chelsea's friends, but is shocked to find that the friend is Rose; Charlie is stunned when the two of them hit it off
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